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(our latest product updates)

  • Our most upvoted request, monorepo support is in early access! New:
    • Build Filters allow you to configure which services Render builds and deploys on push for faster and smoother change rollouts.
    • The rootDir setting, now in EA, allows you to specify a project directory and ignore all changes outside of it.
  • An updated Dashboard makes it easier to connect to GitHub/GitLab and search among your repositories. New:
    • The ability to see repo search results sorted by last updated
    • The ability to visualize connected Git accounts
    • A more intuitive UX
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(posts, guides, and videos from our team)

SQL Insights Stripe App is Live
Set up Render's SQL Insights and learn how the Render team uses pure SQL to quickly answer questions about transactions, cash flow, and customers. For more on the Stripe App Marketplace, check out James Dillard's tour of his favorite Stripe apps on Youtube.


(Render content from you)

Deploying Authorizer on Render

Lakhan Samani ⋅ ArangoDB
Use Render to deploy Authorizer, an open source auth provider with broad database support and libraries for quick ReactJS and JS integration.
Building an IoT security camera with Raspberry Pi and Render 
Luca Cipriani ⋅ DZone
Follow this tutorial to create a smart camera system that monitors your space remotely via a password-protected Flask dashboard. Physical security <3
Host your web application for free with Render
Maximilian Kürschner ⋅ Programonaut
Read a simple reference guide to bringing static and dynamic sites online on Render.
Connect Google Sheets to SQLite
Felix Zumstein ⋅ xlwings
Use Render to deploy a FastAPI app that allows you to query a SQLite database directly from Google Sheets to eliminate data exports.
Launch your startup idea in a day
John Vester ⋅ DZone
Consult this post to deploy a ReactJS app, Go REST API, and JS plugin. Build a proof-of-concept (nearly) as quickly as your brain churns out those great ideas.
AI-powered sommelier, on Render
Olition Preka
Wine n8bs: use this Render-hosted app to find new wines based on what you already like.

(stuff from around the web we think you'll like)

I regret my $46k website redesign
Michael Lynch
Yikes! Learn from Michael's experience updating the TinyPilot website through his candid, thoughtful, and surprisingly empathetic takeaways on managing and selecting a partner, and structuring and scoping a web project.

Fedora disallows Creative Commons licenses for code
Richard Fontana ⋅ Fedora Project
A strong statement from Fedora reclassified CC0 as not applicable to code within the distro or the Fedora Registry. Why? A clause in the full CC0 license gives patent-holders the ability to claim patent infringement regarding code already in use, and well, that's not FOSS.
FizzBuzz is FizzBuzz years old (and still a powerful tool)
Tom Wright

Celebrate the anniversary of classic interview challenge FizzBuzz with a post on its application, nuance, and extensibility. Check out Tom's flavor and his suggestions for adapting FizzBuzz to cloud tech.

Soft deletion probably isn't worth it
Brandur Leach

Consider the pitfalls of the common soft deletion strategy: loss of foreign key constraints, forgotten deleted_at statements, and gnarly hard deletion processes for compliance, all threats to data integrity. Luckily, Brandur proposes a deleted records table as a viable alternative.

(noteworthy tweet of the month)

From @Whelton: Glimpse into the codebase of Conjure's documentation site: http://conjure.so/docs    Static site. Docusaurus powered. React components in Markdown. Hosted on  @Render . Reversed proxied to for SEO.    Used this approach to reuse styles, types & components from Conjure's main codebase