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Announcing Point-in-Time Recovery

By Scott Numamoto

Render takes your infrastructure problems away and gives you a battle-tested, powerful, and cost-effective cloud with an outstanding developer experience. Focus on building your apps, shipping fast, and delighting your customers, and leave your cloud infrastructure to us.

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Our mission is to give every development team confidence that their apps are safely hosted in the cloud so that they can focus on building products and businesses. Today, we’re announcing our latest feature designed to give developers peace of mind — Point-in-Time Recovery for Render PostgreSQL.

With Point-in-Time Recovery (PITR) enabled for your database, Render archives your data continuously. If you and your team experience unexpected data loss, you can restore to a new database seeded with data from archives taken before the data loss occurred. We retain archives for seven days, giving you ample time and flexibility to recover from catastrophe.

PITR modal with archive date picker open

Restoring data to a new database allows you to test and update configuration details — such as changing its instance type or updating a Datadog API key — before connecting your app. We copy the IP address allow list to the new database to make this transition easier. Once you’ve validated that your new database is ready for production, you can find the new name and connection strings in database settings and delete your previous database.

Postgres connection info

PITR is available on Team, Enterprise, and Organization plans on the Pro database instance types and above. Enabling PITR for your database requires a short maintenance period if you created your database before April 2023 and have not had a maintenance period since then. Don’t hesitate to contact support@render.com if you need assistance scheduling maintenance or enabling PITR.

Scott Numamoto

Scott Numamoto is an engineer on the Datastores team at Render.

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