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- Hieu Nguyen

How Render Scaled Knative to Support 100k+ Free-Tier Apps

As Render free-tier apps exploded in popularity, we needed to make the feature much more scalable. This work was our first step along that path.

  1. Render design doc: Reducing Free-tier networking footprint

    An in-depth supplement for the post 'How Render scaled Knative to support 100k+ Free-tier apps'

    - Hieu Nguyen

  2. Deploy prebuilt Docker images to Render

    Render now supports deploying Docker images directly from your container registry.

    - Stephen Barlow

  3. Announcing Point-in-Time Recovery

    With Point-in-Time Recovery enabled for your Render PostgreSQL, if you and your team experience unexpected data loss, you can restore to a new database seeded with data from archiv…

    - Scott Numamoto

  4. Projects

    Projects make it easier for you and your team to collaborate on apps. Organize all of the services associated with an app in a project and further group services by environment — s…

    - Shawn Moore

  5. Render's $50 Million Series B

    Render announces $50 million in Series B funding led by Bessemer Venture Partners.

    - Anurag Goel

  6. Render Achieves SOC 2 Type II Compliance

    We're excited to announce that Render has achieved SOC 2 Type II compliance. We're ready to work with you.

    - Daniel Tobin

  7. How BeerMenus Elevated its Craft with a Seamless Move to Render

    Issues with Heroku mounted, so BeerMenus founders migrated to Render. They reduced costs, gained better Support, and adopted game-changing features like Preview Environments.

    - Rosalind Benoit

  8. OpenSSL Patch

    Render services are not affected by the CVEs announced for OpenSSL 3.0 earlier today. We recommend that organizations patch OpenSSL 3.0.0 and above.

    - Ed Ropple

  9. Render Newsletter Vol. 4 - October 2022

    This periodical for the Render community keeps you up to date on new guides and content, product updates, and developer news.

    - Rosalind Benoit

  10. Shipping Monorepo Support

    Monorepo Support is now generally available for all Render customers. Your feedback has shaped what we've shipped and allowed us to design flexible features to help you define how

    - Shantanu Joshi

  11. Render Newsletter Vol. 3 - September 2022

    This periodical for the Render community keeps you up to date on new guides and content, product updates, and developer news.

    - Rosalind Benoit

  12. It's Never Been Easier to Move from Heroku to Render

    In light of Heroku ending its free tier, Render's powered up our Heroku importer to better enable you to bring your applications from Heroku to Render.

    - Ed Ropple

  13. Render Newsletter Vol. 2 - August 2022

    This periodical for the Render community keeps you up to date on new guides and content, product updates, and developer news.

    - Rosalind Benoit

  14. ...It Works Fine Locally

    - Alan Pennell-Smith

  15. SQL Insights Stripe App is Live

    - Chris Castle

  16. Render Newsletter Vol. 1 - July 2022

    This periodical for the Render community keeps you up to date on new guides and content, product updates, and developer news.

    - Rosalind Benoit

  17. Migrate a Django App from Heroku to Render (and get it ready for prod)

    This guide to moving an existing Django app over to Render walks you through creating a Blueprint to deploy a production-ready instance of the e-commerce app Saleor.

    - Rosalind Benoit

  18. Sneak Peek: SQL Insights Stripe App

    - Chris Castle

  19. Migrate a Rails App from Heroku to Render

    Render makes it quick to deploy a Ruby on Rails app, but if you're moving an existing Rails app over to Render, it might not be obvious where to start. We've created a lanugage- an…

    - Chris Castle

  20. Building a Developer Experience with RedwoodJS and Render

    Building with Redwood on Render lets Pullflow focus on winning over teams, user by user, to upgrade their developer experience. Learn how they build product based on empathy.

    - Rosalind Benoit

  21. Render, Remix, and Strapi: Let's Build a Productivity Tips App

    - Chris Castle

  22. Expanding Global Reach: APAC & U.S. East

    Today, we announce the General Availability of Render’s expansion into two new regions to best serve our current and future customers: local hosting for U.S. East in Ohio and for A…

    - Rosalind Benoit

  23. Render Redis®*

    Today, we're announcing the General Availability of Render Redis. You can now set up a Redis instance in a few clicks and then let Render handle the heavy lifting running it reliab…

    - Kelley Rivoire

  24. Design Patterns for Building Reusable Svelte Components

    - Eric Liu

  25. Remote Debugging with SSH and VS Code

    - Chris Castle

  26. Password Protection with OAuth2 Proxy

    - Chris Castle

  27. SSH, API, Redis...oh my!

    Welcome API, native SSH, Redis, and DDoS. We're starting 2022 as THE modern cloud provider with support for many more use cases at scale and an incredible developer experience.

    - Rosalind Benoit

  28. Password Protect Static Sites with PageCrypt

    - Chris Castle

  29. Git Organized: A Better Git Flow

    Development is rarely a linear process, and our commits tend to reflect this. Here you'll learn about a git flow for faster PR reviews and an keeping your git history organized.

    - Annie Sexton

  30. Free DDoS Protection for All Users

    A few months ago, Render quietly became the first full-stack Platform-as-a-Service to offer completely free DDoS protection to every application and website hosted on our platform.…

    - Chris Castle

  31. All New Free Instance Types On Render

    We’re launching free instance types that allow you to deploy and run web services and databases on Render at no charge. Explore new tech, build personal projects, and preview the R…

    - Hari Demirev

  32. Render's $20 Million Series A

    Today we announce a new milestone in our journey to eliminate DevOps: $20 million in new funding led by Addition.

    - Anurag Goel

  33. Use One-Click Deploys for Secure Online VS Code

    Guide to setting up OpenVSCode Server on Render, using blueprints, and adding one-click deploy buttons.

    - Rosalind Benoit

  34. From Hypervisor to Next Generation Cloud: Uma Chingunde on Cloudflare TV

    Engineering VP Uma Chingunde on abstraction, VMware, and Render on Cloudflare TV.

    - Rosalind Benoit

  35. How to Build an Anycast Network

    - Jake Malachowski

  36. So, You Want to Hire a UX Engineer?

    - Danielle Schugars

  37. Host a Dev Environment on Render with VS Code and Tailscale

    - David Mauskop

  38. What's New in PostgreSQL 14?

    - Chris Castle

  39. Why Render

    - Anurag Goel