April 28, 2023

April 28, 2023 - Changelog

Our team is focused on shipping a few new features and bringing our recent Early Access launches into GA, so this week's update is focused on a few critical small wins.

New Releases

Enforced 2FA 🔒 If you're running mission-critical production services on Render, ensuring your Render team is secure is crucial. Starting this week, all Render teams can now require team members to have two-factor authentication enabled on their accounts to access team resources.

Product Updates

Rust is now available in Python environments on Render!

We also shipped several minor bug fixes and updates, including a new label for database pages indicating your database instance's plan.


Projects in Early Access You can now organize your services by app and deployment to make building and managing services much easier.

Get access to projects today by navigating to Settings and opting into Early Access. Available on the Team plan and above.

Get early access to PITR and pgvector If you're still waiting to use point-in-time recovery or pgvector, please get in touch with Support. You'll need to run maintenance on your database to access these features if it was created before March 27, 2023, for PITR, or April 15, 2023, for pgvector.

PITR is available for the Pro plan and above databases on the Team plan or higher.