April 07, 2023

April 7, 2023 - Changelog

Hi there! It's the end of a productive week at Render, and we're excited to share this week's updates.

Product Launches

  • Point-in-time Recovery is now available in Early Access! You can join the preview by navigating to Settings in the dashboard and finding the Early Access section. New databases on the Pro plan or higher, created after joining the Early Access program, will have the option to use PITR. You will be able to enable PITR for existing databases when the feature is generally available. Learn more here.

Feature Updates

  • You can now configure a previewPlan type for Redis to allow preview environments to use a smaller Redis instance size.
  • We now remember your last active team and switch to it when you log back into Render. 
  • We've added links to service or deploy logs in service events to facilitate debugging when errors occur.
  • Changes to instance types are now accurately represented in billing. So, if you change an instance type during a billing period, your bill will be easier to follow.
  • We added support for Ruby Env versions and 2.7.8 in native environments.

Bug Fixes

  • We made some UI polish improvements throughout the dashboard and billing pages.