June 02, 2023

Jun 2, 2023 - Changelog

Happy Friday! We've shipped fixes for two common pain points this week.

Easily find the runtime version used for apps running on native environments

Sometimes developers who use Render's native environments for building their apps end up using the incorrect runtime version. Since we didn't publish the runtime version, it took time for developers to figure out why their app didn't work. Developers can now see the version of the runtime their app is using and get just-in-time guidance to change it if it's not what their app needs.

Learn more about Native Environments support in our docs here.

Change the credentials associated with a service

Teams often encounter another challenge when someone who sets up a service leaves their team. Since the developer's credentials remain associated with the service, the team can't deploy the service anymore.

Now, team members can change the credentials associated with any service, ensuring that development continues as the team evolves.

Have a great weekend!