July 10, 2024

API endpoints for datastores, logs, environments, Blueprints, and more

The Render API has added over 50 new endpoints to support much more extensive integration with the Render platform.

Endpoints are now available for the following resources that were previously unsupported by the API:

  • Datastores (PostgreSQL, Redis, and persistent disks)
  • Service logs
  • Environment groups
  • Blueprints
  • Projects and environments
  • Notification settings

New endpoints are also available for certain resources that are already supported by the API, such as redirect/rewrite rules for static sites.

With these additions, the API supports almost all functionality available in the Render Dashboard. There are no breaking changes to existing API endpoints.

The OpenAPI spec for the Render API is available in JSON format at this URL. You can use this spec to create your own custom clients and other tooling.

Learn more in the API reference.