Free Plans

With Render’s free plans you can spin up web services and PostgreSQL databases at no charge. Free plans are designed to help you to explore new tech, build personal projects, and get a preview of the Render developer experience.

Free plans have usage and performance limits and are not meant for general production use.

Free Web Services

Web services on the free plan are automatically spun down after 15 minutes of inactivity. When a new request for a free service comes in, Render spins it up again so it can process the request.

This can cause a response delay of up to 30 seconds for the first request that comes in after a period of inactivity.

The free plan allows for 750 hours of running time per month across all free web services in your account. You can track free usage in your dashboard on the billing page. We will email you when you’re approaching the free usage limit, and also when you exceed it.

When you exceed your free usage limits, free services in your account are automatically suspended and can no longer serve traffic until they are upgraded to a paid plan or when free usage is reset at the end of the calendar month, whichever is sooner.

Free usage is reset on the 1st of every month, and all free services suspended for usage limits are automatically resumed.

Free Plan Usage

View your free plan usage in the Billing page of the dashboard.

Other Limitations

  • Free web services can be restarted at any time.
  • Free services can not scale beyond a single instance, either manually or through autoscaling.
  • Free services do not support persistent disks.
  • Free services do not support web shell access.

Other standard Render features like custom domains, fully managed SSL, pull request previews, log streams, and rollbacks are fully supported.

Free PostgreSQL Databases

Render’s free database plan allows you to run a PostgreSQL database that automatically expires 90 days after creation. Free databases are suspended after 90 days (unless they are upgraded to a paid plan), and are no longer reachable at this point. You have a grace period of 14 days from suspension to upgrade a free database to a paid plan. All free databases are deleted (along with their data) after the grace period. We will send you email notifications to alert you of upcoming free database expirations and deletions.

You can continue to create free PostgreSQL databases but only one free database can be active at a time.

Free PostgreSQL databases are automatically backed up every day. These backups are not retained beyond the end of the upgrade grace period.